July 11-13, Bangalore
Status: Open for feedback

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In 2013, commodity hardware and computing capacity for storing and processing large and small volumes of data are easily available on demand. The bigger issues pertain to questions of how to scale data processing, handle data diversity, manage infrastructure costs, decide which technologies work best for different contexts and problems, and build products from the insights and intelligence that the data is presenting to you.

The Fifth Elephant 2013 is a three-day workshop and conference on big data, storage and analytics, with product demos and hacker corners.


Event format, themes and submission guidelines

The Fifth Elephant 2013 invites proposals on use cases and real-life examples. Tell us what specific problem you faced, which technology/tools worked for your use case and why, how you have developed business intelligence on the data you are collecting, and analytics tools and techniques you employ. Our preference is for showcasing original work with clear take-aways for the audience. Please emphasize these in your proposal.

The conference will have two parallel tracks on 12th and 13th July:

  1. Storage: OLTP, messaging and notifications, databases and big data, NoSQL
  2. Analytics: Metrics and tools, cloud computing, mathematical modelling and statistical analysis, visualization


This year we are adding a preliminary day of workshops, on 11th July, to provide attendees more in-depth, hands-on training on open source frameworks and tools (Pig, Hadoop, Hive, etc), commercial solutions (sponsored), programming languages such as R, and visualization techniques and tricks, among others.

Product demos and sponsored sessions

We have a demo track for startups and companies who want to showcase their product to customers at The Fifth Elephant 2013 and get feedback. Slots are also open for 4-6 sponsored sessions for companies who want to talk about their technologies and reach out to developers, CTOs, CIOs and product managers at The Fifth Elephant. For more information on demo and sponsored session proposals, write to info@hasgeek.com.

Commitment to open source

HasGeek believes in open source as the foundation of the internet. Our aim is to strengthen these foundations for future generations. If your talk describes a codebase for developers to work with, we require that it is available under a license that does not impose itself on subsequent work. This is typically a permissive open source license (almost anything that is listed at opensource.org/licenses and is not GPL or AGPL), but restrictive and commercial licenses are also considered depending on how they affect the developer’s relationship with the user.

If you’d like to showcase commercial work that makes money for you, please consider supporting the event with a sponsorship.

Proposal selection process

Voting is open to attendees who have purchased event tickets. If there is a proposal you find notable, please vote for it and leave a comment to initiate discussions. Your vote will be reflected immediately, but will be counted towards selections only if you purchase a ticket. Proposals will also be evaluated by a program committee consisting of:

Emphasis will be placed on original work and talks which present new insights to the audience.

The programme committee will interview proposers who have received maximum votes from attendees and the committee. Proposers must submit presentation drafts as part of the selection process to ensure the talk is in line with the original proposal and to help the program committee build a coherent line-up for the event.

There is only one speaker per session. Attendance is free for selected speakers. HasGeek will cover your travel to and accommodation in Bangalore from anywhere in the world. As our budget is limited, we will prefer speakers from locations closer home, but will do our best to cover for anyone exceptional. If you are able to raise support for your trip, we will count that towards an event sponsorship.

If your proposal is not accepted, you can buy a ticket at the same rate as was available on the day you proposed. We’ll send you a code.

Discounted tickets are available from http://fifthelephant.doattend.com/


The program committee will announce the first round of selected proposals by end of April, a second round by end-May, and will finalize the schedule by 20th June. The funnel will close on 5th June. The event is on 11th-13th July 2013.

Confirmed sessions

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 Strategic advantages of MongoDB
Edouard Servan-Schreiber (@edouard) Storage and Databases Intermediate 3 1 Thu, 20 Jun
2 Agility and Innovation vs IT: how new data platforms can overcome this neverending struggle
Edouard Servan-Schreiber (@edouard) Storage and Databases Intermediate 2 0 Thu, 20 Jun
3 MongoDB: An Overview
Edouard Servan-Schreiber (@edouard) Workshops Beginner 8 7 Thu, 20 Jun
4 Data Analysis and Visualization using R
Vinayak Hegde (@vin) Workshops Intermediate 21 0 Wed, 5 Jun
5 Workshop: Learning ElasticSearch and using it to analyze Aadhaar's Public Datasets  
Anurag (@anurag) Workshops Beginner 21 0 Wed, 5 Jun
6 15 Billion value at risk computations in 187 milliseconds  
Abinasha Karana (@abhinashak) Storage and Databases Intermediate 25 1 Tue, 4 Jun
7 Finding order in the chaos : machine learning for web text analytics using R
Harshad Saykhedkar (@harshad-saykhedkar) Workshops Beginner 18 1 Mon, 3 Jun
8 SolrCloud and NoSQL
Anshum Gupta (@anshum) Storage and Databases Intermediate 8 2 Thu, 23 May
9 A Billion Snapshots- Principles and Processes in the Census of India  
Varsha Joshi (@suraiya95) Analytics and Visualization Beginner 11 1 Sat, 18 May
10 What Happens When Firefox Crashes?  
Erik Rose (@erikrose) Storage and Databases Intermediate 28 1 Sat, 18 May
11 Building large scale Analytics Platform  
Prabhu Prakash Ganesh (@pgprabhu) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 16 0 Wed, 15 May
12 Evaluating SSD Performance for Databases Handling Real-Time Big Data
brian bulkowski (@bbulkow) Storage and Databases Intermediate 23 0 Fri, 10 May
13 Neo4j Graph Workshop
Andreas Kollegger (@akollegger) Workshops Beginner 32 2 Thu, 9 May
14 Visualising networks
Anand S (@sanand0) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 26 7 Thu, 2 May
15 Interactive analysis of data live, using Pandas, Matplotlib and IPython
Lakshman Prasad (@becomingguru) Analytics and Visualization Beginner 26 3 Wed, 1 May
16 Uncovering patterns and forecasting with time series data
Pranav Modi (@pranavmodi) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 55 0 Tue, 30 Apr
17 Neo4j Graphs: What, When, How
Andreas Kollegger (@akollegger) Storage and Databases Beginner 31 8 Tue, 30 Apr
18 Cloud based low cost, low maintenance, scalable data platform  
Apoorva Gaurav (@apoorvagaurav) Storage and Databases Beginner 38 0 Tue, 30 Apr
19 HOWTO run a hadoop cluster on a laptop
t3rmin4t0r (@t3rmin4t0r) Storage and Databases Beginner 34 0 Sat, 27 Apr
20 Workflow Schedulers: The Heart Beat of a Big Data Stack
Rajat Venkatesh (@vrajat) Storage and Databases Intermediate 29 0 Fri, 26 Apr
21 MapReduce and the "Art of Thinking Parallel"
Shailesh Kumar (@shkumar) Analytics and Visualization Advanced 57 3 Tue, 23 Apr
22 Analyzing Terabytes of Data with Google BigQuery
Chandramouli Mahadevan (@cmouli) Analytics and Visualization Beginner 24 0 Sat, 13 Apr
23 It takes two to tango! - Is SQL-on-Hadoop the next big step?
Srihari Srinivasan (@sriharisrinivasan) Storage and Databases Intermediate 29 4 Fri, 12 Apr
24 Co-occurrence Analytics: A versatile framework for finding interesting needles in crazy haystacks!
Shailesh Kumar (@shkumar) Analytics and Visualization Advanced 33 2 Tue, 9 Apr
25 Latency and Fault tolerance in OLTP @ 1.5 billion/day service calls
Regunath Balasubramanian (@regunathb) Storage and Databases Intermediate 35 6 Fri, 5 Apr
26 Julia: A fresh approach to technical computing and data science
Viral B. Shah (@viralbshah) Analytics and Visualization Beginner 70 2 Mon, 1 Apr
27 Big Data, Real-time Processing and Storm  
Prashanth Babu (@p7h) Workshops Beginner 43 2 Thu, 28 Mar
28 Unlocking the Potential of Data for Everyday Developers and Product Managers
Karthik Kastury (@karthikdot) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 24 2 Thu, 28 Mar
29 Extracting consumer trends in real time using 100 billion tweets.
Pankaj Risbood (@risbood) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 59 2 Wed, 27 Mar
30 Similar entity detection in large data  
Arthi Venkataraman (@arthi) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 44 2 Tue, 26 Mar
31 Telling stories with data
Ajay Kelkar Data Analytics Intermediate 5 0 Fri, 22 Jun

Unconfirmed proposals

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 Telling visual stories with data  
Amit Kapoor (@amitkaps) Analytics and Visualization Beginner 12 1 Wed, 5 Jun
2 How to build a Recommender using Apache Mahout
Viraj Paripatyadar (@virajparipatyadar) Analytics and Visualization Beginner 19 3 Wed, 5 Jun
3 A hands-on introduction to Apache Hadoop
Mrinal Wadhwa (@mrinal) Workshops Beginner 24 0 Wed, 5 Jun
4 Audience Segmentation: Data-Science, Big-Data Architecture & Solution
prabhakar srinivasan (@prabhacar7) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 9 0 Wed, 5 Jun
5 The art and science of exploiting near-similar text and images  
Srinivasan H Sengamedu (@shs) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 6 0 Wed, 5 Jun
6 Can big data fight poverty and corruption?
Ankur Nagar (@ankurnagar) Analytics and Visualization Beginner 7 0 Tue, 4 Jun
7 Riding a kneeling elephant: Community Informatics Bridging Data Into Communities  
michael gurstein (@michaelgurstein) Workshops Beginner 1 0 Tue, 4 Jun
8 Tracking 2B parameters/month in real time - with just MySQL!
Nikil Doshi (@nikildoshi) Storage and Databases Intermediate 14 0 Tue, 4 Jun
9 Implementing Named-Entity-Recognizer on Twitter Data and Using it to Cluster Similar Tweets.  
Abhishek Vaid (@vaidabhishek) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 8 0 Tue, 4 Jun
10 Telling Twins Apart: A Cookie's Life And Other Stories From The Ad World
Rahul Kulkarni (@rahul10100) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 5 0 Mon, 3 Jun
11 Advanced data analysis with Excel
Anand S (@sanand0) Workshops Advanced 9 0 Mon, 3 Jun
12 What did we gain out of using Mongodb, Redis and Mysql in a single system
Tapomay Dey (@tapomay) Storage and Databases Intermediate 10 0 Mon, 3 Jun
13 Build Products, Not Just Algorithms: 10 Examples from the Real World
Rahul Kulkarni (@rahul10100) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 29 1 Mon, 3 Jun
14 Using ElasticSearch to build your Startup's Dashboard - Pros and Cons
Shashi Shekhar Singh (@singhshashi) Storage and Databases Beginner 5 0 Sun, 2 Jun
15 RHadoop: Marrying analytics & large scale data processing
Anand (@anandk) Analytics and Visualization Beginner 13 0 Sun, 2 Jun
16 Need for “Lmetric” : the service for near real-time clickstream events and User behavior analysis
Piyush (@piykumar) Storage and Databases Beginner 11 0 Thu, 30 May
17 Making Sense of content in domain intense QA/Discussion Forums- A Text Mining Problem
Pramod N Haritsa (@machinelearner) Analytics and Visualization Beginner 34 2 Wed, 29 May
18 Data and Sales  
Sushrut Bidwai (@sushrutbidwai) Analytics and Visualization Beginner 2 0 Mon, 27 May
19 Introduction to Pivotal HD - Hadoop distribution with a SQL compliant query engine
rajdeep dua (@rajdeepdua) Storage and Databases Intermediate 1 2 Mon, 27 May
20 Infrastructures and eco-systems for open data
Tim Davies (@timdavies) Analytics and Visualization Beginner 4 0 Fri, 24 May
21 Linked Data - visions & implementations  
Tim Davies (@timdavies) Storage and Databases Beginner 4 0 Fri, 24 May
22 Rnotify - A Scalable Application Level Distributed Filesystem Notifications Solution  
Ashwin Raghav Mohan Ganesh (@ashwinraghav) Storage and Databases Advanced 9 0 Thu, 23 May
23 Real time analytics on data that spans 100s of GBs
Kaushik Paranjape (@kaushik-paranjape) Storage and Databases Intermediate 14 0 Thu, 23 May
24 Grooming Geeks - Analytics & Application in Education
Dr.S.Jayaprakash,Ph.D (@drjayaprakash) Analytics and Visualization Beginner 6 0 Wed, 22 May
25 Insurance Fraud Modeling & Business Intelligence Framework
Dr.S.Jayaprakash,Ph.D (@drjayaprakash) Product Demos Advanced 9 2 Tue, 21 May
26 Analytics using Hadoop ecosystem on AWS
Rajat Venkatesh (@vrajat) Workshops Intermediate 26 0 Mon, 20 May
27 Streaming live-data to LCD screens in office (using opensource tools and Rs. 4300)
Mahesh Tiyyagura (@tmahesh) Analytics and Visualization Beginner 10 0 Sun, 19 May
28 Product Demo: Analyze & Visualize Big Data right off the grid
Rohit Chatter (@rohitchattar) Product Demos Advanced 0 0 Sun, 19 May
29 Evaluate audience live use cases and Big Data Technology solutions
Rohit Chatter (@rohitchattar) Workshops Intermediate 0 0 Sun, 19 May
30 Analytics: Make non-additive metrics additive using HBase & Bitmaps
Rohit Chatter (@rohitchattar) Analytics and Visualization Advanced 1 0 Sun, 19 May
31 Find Near Duplicate records in your Data
Mahesh Tiyyagura (@tmahesh) Workshops Intermediate 5 0 Sat, 18 May
32 Open Data Aero - An opportunity for the Airline Industry
Adethya Sudarsanan Storage and Databases Intermediate 0 0 Thu, 16 May
33 An introduction to Hue, the open source Hadoop UI
Enrico Berti (@enricoberti) Analytics and Visualization Beginner 18 0 Wed, 15 May
34 Demystifying Big Data from Domain Name industry
Ramesh Kumar M (@mrameshk) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 4 0 Wed, 15 May
35 Big Data Enlightenment
Peter Milne (@helipilot50) Storage and Databases Beginner 18 0 Mon, 13 May
36 Smart Analytics in Smartphones
Satnam Singh, PhD (@satnam74s) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 21 0 Sun, 12 May
37 Predictive Analytics in Social Media and Online Display Advertising
Mahesh Kumar (@tiger007) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 22 0 Fri, 10 May
38 Analysis of genomics data and linking to phenotype of country population to identify health markers
Harpreet Singh (@hsingh1979) Storage and Databases Advanced 62 0 Fri, 10 May
39 Customizing One Database for Your Multiple Data Structures
Russell Sullivan (@jaksprats) Workshops Advanced 27 0 Fri, 10 May
40 Why we went 100% NoSQL with Mongodb?
Rajan Chandi (@qlazzy) Storage and Databases Intermediate 10 0 Wed, 8 May
41 Can twitter kill Boeing 787 ?
Swaroop Krothapalli (@swaroop) Analytics and Visualization Beginner 3 0 Fri, 3 May
42 The database cannot be better than the underlying datastructure
Abhishek Kona (@sheki) Storage and Databases Intermediate 34 0 Wed, 1 May
43 What is Multi-Stream Retrieval?
Bharath Mohan (@bharathmohan) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 19 0 Tue, 30 Apr
44 Low Latency Access of Bigdata using Spark and Shark.  
Pradeep Kumar G.S. (@pradeep2002gs) Storage and Databases Beginner 23 2 Mon, 29 Apr
45 Open Source Business Intelligence - Pentaho BI Suite  
Ramana Reddy (@ramanareddyg) Product Demos Intermediate 4 0 Thu, 25 Apr
46 7 Ways to call elections using data
Karthik Shashidhar (@karthiks) Analytics and Visualization Beginner 33 1 Wed, 24 Apr
47 Big Data Analytics with R
Neeta Pande (@neetapande) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 21 1 Tue, 23 Apr
48 Apache Cassandra for Fun and Profit
Aaron Morton (@amorton) Storage and Databases Intermediate 23 1 Sun, 21 Apr
49 Breaking Barriers - Showing the funny  
Koushik (@cosec) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 15 2 Wed, 17 Apr
50 Building a high performance distributed crawler
Sandeep Ravichandran (@sandeepr) Storage and Databases Intermediate 9 2 Mon, 15 Apr
51 Build a Queue Based Concurrent Task Processor (using Python)  
Piyush Verma (@meson10) Workshops Advanced 3 4 Sat, 13 Apr
52 Reporting Using MySQL Multi-Source Replication
Vishnu H Rao (@vishnuhr) Storage and Databases Beginner 13 0 Fri, 12 Apr
53 MySQL Robbins - Various Flavors of Files & Buffers it Uses
Vishnu H Rao (@vishnuhr) Storage and Databases Beginner 8 0 Fri, 12 Apr
54 Deciphering the organizational DNA - mining internal data  
Ritesh Nayak (@itsmeritesh) Analytics and Visualization Beginner 28 1 Tue, 9 Apr
55 Big Data is it a fad or future?
Raghu Kashyap (@ragskashyap1) Storage and Databases Intermediate 1 4 Mon, 8 Apr
56 Big Data Predictive Analysis in SAP HANA with SAP Predictive Analysis
Vishwanath Belur (@vishihosmane) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate -1 4 Wed, 3 Apr
57 Big Data Product Ideas - Building Interactive BI Analytics
Sirish M Simha (@foxcat) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 11 1 Wed, 3 Apr
58 Big Data at the Base of the Pyramid
Sameer Segal (@sameersegal) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 13 4 Wed, 3 Apr
59 Build A Cloud With Apache CloudStack For Big Data  
Shanker Balan (@shankerbalan) Workshops Intermediate 12 2 Fri, 29 Mar
60 Uncovering the truth in sales through Visualization  
Y (@yravi) Analytics and Visualization Beginner 2 1 Fri, 29 Mar
61 Transferring Gigabytes of Data to cloud at 10mbps on your 10mbps link
Mayank Sharma (@mayanks) Storage and Databases Intermediate 29 0 Tue, 26 Mar
62 A 360 degree view of 3-D printing
Kashyap Kompella (@kashkompella) Analytics and Visualization Beginner -11 1 Tue, 26 Mar
63 Implementing a Large Scale Surveillance System Using Big Data
prakash babu (@prakashbob75) Analytics and Visualization Advanced 10 2 Tue, 26 Mar
64 Big Data Analytics for improving Patient Care systems at hospitals
Mahesh Rangarajan (@maheshrangarajan) Analytics and Visualization Advanced 10 1 Tue, 26 Mar
65 Money Talks: Analyzing Financial Market Data
Deepak Shenoy (@deepakshenoy) Analytics and Visualization Intermediate 27 0 Tue, 26 Mar
66 Building Location Aware Applications using MongoDB
Shekhar Gulati (@shekhargulati) Workshops Beginner 15 0 Thu, 21 Mar
67 Building a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) using Cloud
Supreeth Srinivasamurthy (@supreeth) (proposing) Storage and Databases Beginner 8 0 Tue, 19 Mar