16-18 July 2015, Bangalore
Status: Submissions and voting closed, awaiting jury selection

Machine Learning, Distributed and Parallel Computing, and High-performance Computing are the themes for this year’s edition of Fifth Elephant.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is 15th June 2015

We are looking for talks and workshops from academics and practitioners who are in the business of making sense of data, big and small.

Track 1: Discovering Insights and Driving Decisions

This track is about general, novel, fundamental, and advanced techniques for making sense of data and driving decisions from data. This could encompass applications of the following ML paradigms:

Across various data modalities including multi-variate, text, speech, time series, images, video, transactions, etc.

Track 2: Speed at Scale

This track is about tools and processes for collecting, indexing, and processing vast amounts of data. The theme includes:

Commitment to Open Source

HasGeek believes in open source as the binding force of our community. If you are describing a codebase for developers to work with, we’d like it to be available under a permissive open source license. If your software is commercially licensed or available under a combination of commercial and restrictive open source licenses (such as the various forms of the GPL), please consider picking up a sponsorship. We recognize that there are valid reasons for commercial licensing, but ask that you support us in return for giving you an audience. Your session will be marked on the schedule as a sponsored session.


If you are interested in conducting a hands-on session on any of the topics falling under the themes of the two tracks described above, please submit a proposal under the workshops section. We also need you to tell us about your past experience in teaching and/or conducting workshops.

Confirmed sessions

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 "Thinking Machines"
Shailesh Kumar (@shkumar) Keynote Advanced 1 0 Tue, Jul 7
2 Future patterns in data ecosystem
Amod Malviya Sponsored Keynote Intermediate 2 0 Tue, Jul 7
3 Igniting your data with Apache Spark
Yagnik (@yagnik) Workshop Beginner 0 5 Thu, Jul 2
4 Deploying Batch and Streaming Architectures on AWS
Russell Nash (@russnash) Sponsored Intermediate 4 0 Thu, Jun 18
5 Data Comes in Shapes
Tim Poston (@timposton) Keynote Beginner 5 0 Tue, Jun 16
6 When Apache ZooKeeper is good fit
Rakesh R (@rakeshadr) Crisp Talk Intermediate 20 0 Tue, Jun 16
7 Dead Simple Scalability Patterns
Vedang Manerikar (@vedang) Crisp Talk Beginner 34 0 Mon, Jun 15
8 Call me maybe: Jepsen and flaky networks
Shalin Mangar (@shalinmangar) Full Talk Advanced 15 0 Mon, Jun 15
9 Graph Algorithms and Computer Vision
Sumod Mohan (@sumod) Full Talk Intermediate 7 0 Mon, Jun 15
10 Harnessing the power of the Erlang VM at Housing
Abhijit Pratap Singh (@sabhi) Crisp Talk Intermediate 13 0 Mon, Jun 15
11 Exploratory data analysis using Apache Lens and Apache Zeppelin
Pranav Agarwal (@praagarw) Crisp Talk Intermediate 8 1 Mon, Jun 15
12 Keeping Moore's law alive: Neuromorphic computing
Anand Chandrasekaran (@madstreetden) Full Talk Beginner 20 0 Mon, Jun 15
13 Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing
Devashish Shankar (@devashishshankar) Full Talk Intermediate 18 1 Mon, Jun 15
14 Joining data streams at scale for fun and profit
Aniruddha Gangopadhyay (@aniruddha9591) Crisp Talk Beginner 8 0 Mon, Jun 15
15 Hardware Accelerated Big Data Processing
Reetinder Sidhu (@sidhu1f) Crisp Talk Intermediate 6 0 Mon, Jun 15
16 Revolutionizing travel with ML & Analytics – An insight into business optimization using Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics
Raghu Kashyap (@ragskashyap1) Full Talk Intermediate 29 1 Mon, Jun 15
17 Building a E-commerce search engine: Challenges, insights and approaches
Vinodh Kumar R (@vinodhkumarr) Sponsored Beginner 10 0 Mon, Jun 15
18 Are these the same pair of shoes? - Matching retail products at scale
Nikhil Ketkar (@nikhilketkar) Full Talk Intermediate 76 1 Mon, Jun 15
19 Using Modes for Time Series Classification
Rohit Chatterjee (@rohitchatterjee) Crisp Talk Beginner 5 0 Mon, Jun 15
20 Apache Tez - Present and Future
Rajesh Balamohan Full Talk Intermediate 3 0 Mon, Jun 15
21 Approximate algorithms for summarizing streaming data
Himadri Sarkar (@himadri) Full Talk Intermediate 45 5 Sun, Jun 14
22 CAP Theorem: You don’t need CP, you don’t want AP, and you can’t have CA
Siddhartha Reddy (@sids) Full Talk Intermediate 20 4 Sun, Jun 14
23 POC: How to slice, dice & search billions of users events in seconds (from scratch)
Bhasker Kode (@bhaskerkode) Crisp Talk Beginner 11 0 Sun, Jun 14
24 The many ways of parallel computing with Julia
Viral B. Shah (@viralbshah) Full Talk Beginner 5 0 Sun, Jun 14
25 Escher - democratizing beautiful visualizations
Shashi Gowda (@g0wda) Crisp Talk Beginner 5 1 Fri, Jun 12
26 Recommendation System beyond traditional Collaborative filtering
Gagan Agrawal (@gagana24) Full Talk Intermediate 7 0 Fri, Jun 12
27 Running natural language queries against NoSQL schema
Deepak Krishnan (@deepakgk) Crisp Talk Advanced 30 0 Thu, Jun 11
28 Search at Petabyte scale
Anup Nair (@anair) Crisp Talk Intermediate 8 0 Thu, Jun 11
29 Building tiered data stores using Aesop to bridge SQL and NoSQL systems
Regunath Balasubramanian (@regunathb) Full Talk Intermediate 9 0 Wed, Jun 10
30 HawkEye: A Real-Time Anomaly Detection System
Satnam Singh, PhD (@satnam-datageek) Crisp Talk Beginner 8 2 Mon, Jun 8
31 A review of important results in distributed systems
Vaidhy Gopalan (@vaidhy) Full Talk Intermediate 10 1 Thu, May 28
32 Making a contextual recommendation engine using Python and Deep Learning at ParallelDots
Muktabh Mayank (@muktabhm) Crisp Talk Beginner 10 0 Wed, May 27
33 Critical pipe fittings: What every data pipeline requires
Yagnik (@yagnik) Full Talk Intermediate 5 0 Wed, May 27
34 Understanding supervised machine learning hands on!
Harshad Saykhedkar (@harshss) Workshop Beginner 14 1 Mon, May 25
35 Processing large data with Apache Spark
Venkata Naga Ravi (@venkatanagaravi) Full Talk Intermediate 3 0 Sat, May 23
36 Building Recommender system
Swaroop Krothapalli (@swaroop) Crisp Talk Beginner 5 0 Thu, May 21
37 Visualising Multi Dimensional Data
Amit Kapoor (@amitkaps) Full Talk Intermediate 9 0 Tue, May 19
38 Introduction to Deep Learning
Bargava Subramanian (@barsubra) Workshop Intermediate 20 0 Mon, May 18
39 Two Years Wiser: The Nilenso Experiment
Steven Deobald (@stevendeobald) Full Talk Beginner 6 0 Mon, May 11
40 Instrumenting your kafka & storm pipeline
Bhasker Kode (@bhaskerkode) Full Talk Intermediate 12 0 Mon, May 11

Unconfirmed proposals

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 Real Time Bid Modification @ Million Requests per second...
Jatinder Singh (@jatinder) Crisp Talk Intermediate 5 0 Wed, Jun 17
2 Introduction to MaelStorm and Performance Engineering
Jatinder Singh (@jatinder) Workshop Advanced 2 0 Tue, Jun 16
3 Reviews and Ratings Spam Detection
Mohit Kumar (@mohitkum) Crisp Talk Intermediate 9 1 Mon, Jun 15
4 AB testing: What, Why & How
Renuka Khandelwal (@renuka) Full Talk Beginner 9 0 Mon, Jun 15
5 Building a distributed cache system with redis, clojure and math
Kapil Reddy (@kapilr) Full Talk Intermediate 23 0 Mon, Jun 15
6 From Search to Discovery at Housing
Mudit Gupta (@mudit-housing) Full Talk Beginner 10 0 Mon, Jun 15
7 High Performance Tiled Map Service
Shubham Bansal (@shubham-bansal) Full Talk Intermediate 2 0 Mon, Jun 15
8 Think Incremental with hive.
ravi teja (@ravi-teja) Crisp Talk Intermediate 11 0 Mon, Jun 15
9 Scalable real-time personalized recommendation system
Jasvinder Singh (@jasvinder) Full Talk Intermediate 6 0 Mon, Jun 15
10 How to stop admiring and start using Deep Learning
Vivek Mehta (@vivekmehta) Full Talk Intermediate 20 0 Mon, Jun 15
11 Holistic Security Process for Humanitarian Projects
chinmayi sk Full Talk Intermediate 7 1 Mon, Jun 15
12 Stream Processing in production: Metrics that matter
Siddhartha Reddy (@sids) Crisp Talk Intermediate 11 0 Mon, Jun 15
13 Map Tile Server
Niranjan Bala V (@niranjanbalav) Crisp Talk Intermediate 45 0 Mon, Jun 15
14 Designing distributed components in a multi tenant architecture
Ronak (@ronak-kothari) Full Talk Intermediate 7 0 Mon, Jun 15
15 Data Infrastructure for Real Time Analysis of User Click Stream Data
Aditya Prasad Narisetty (@adityaprasadn) Full Talk Beginner 9 0 Mon, Jun 15
16 What does your website look like to a web-crawler
Gagandeep singh (@gagan-goku) Full Talk Intermediate 7 0 Mon, Jun 15
17 Developing a Hybrid Recommender System for Some of Life’s Most Important Choices
Paul Meinshausen (@pmeins) Full Talk Intermediate 7 0 Mon, Jun 15
18 Solr compute cloud - An elastic Solr infrastructure
Suchitra Amalapurapu (@asmsuchi) Full Talk Advanced 11 0 Mon, Jun 15
19 postgres clusters and their nuances
Srihari Sriraman (@ssrihari) Full Talk Intermediate 2 0 Mon, Jun 15
20 Practical Approach to Python based Supervised Machine Learning: User Generated Text Classification Techniques
Kausik Ghatak (@kausikg) Full Talk Intermediate 15 0 Mon, Jun 15
21 An Integrated Weblog Processing and Machine Learning Workflow for Building and Deploying Intent Prediction Models at Scale
Dhanesh Padmanabhan (@dhanesh123us) Full Talk Intermediate 4 0 Mon, Jun 15
22 Building Real time solution within 30 minutes
Sudhir Rawat (@rawatsudhir) Crisp Talk Beginner 1 0 Mon, Jun 15
23 Anatomy of Decision Trees using an example from Kaggle
Saurabh Banerjee (@saurabhbanerjee) Full Talk Intermediate 18 5 Mon, Jun 15
24 Getting Started with IoT
Sudhir Rawat (@rawatsudhir) Full Talk Intermediate 2 0 Mon, Jun 15
25 Automating news discovery in real-time
Anand S (@sanand0) Full Talk Beginner 14 0 Mon, Jun 15
26 Static & Interactive Exploratory Data Analysis in R
Amit Kapoor (@amitkaps) Workshop Intermediate 4 0 Sun, Jun 14
27 Deconstructing Linear Regression
Vishal (@vishalgokhale) Crisp Talk Beginner 4 0 Sun, Jun 14
28 The many ways of parallel computing with Julia
Viral B. Shah (@viralbshah) Full Talk Beginner 4 0 Sun, Jun 14
29 Big Data Engineering made easy
Kaushik Paranjape (@kaushik-paranjape) Full Talk Intermediate 4 4 Sun, Jun 14
30 Benchmarks from JVM to Big Data
Srinivasa Rao Aravilli (@aravilli) Full Talk Intermediate 4 0 Sun, Jun 14
31 Ensemble Learning
Swaroop Krothapalli (@swaroop) Full Talk Beginner 11 0 Sat, Jun 13
32 Aerospike : High Performance NoSQL store with flash optimization
Gagan Agrawal (@gagana24) Full Talk Intermediate 5 0 Sat, Jun 13
33 Building Complex Data Workflows with Cascading on Hadoop
Gagan Agrawal (@gagana24) Full Talk Intermediate 5 0 Sat, Jun 13
34 IT Operations Analytics: Using Text Analytics and Statistical Modeling in IT Operations Data
Vishnuteja Nanduri (@vishnunanduri) Full Talk Intermediate 1 1 Mon, Jun 8
35 High Performance Computing in R
Ravishankar Rajagopalan (@vioravis) Workshop Intermediate 19 0 Wed, Jun 3
36 Anomaly Detection Using Apache Spark
Kiran Veigas (@kiranveigas) (proposing) Crisp Talk Advanced 6 1 Mon, Jun 1
37 Squirrel – Enabling Accessible Analytics for All
sudipta mukherjee (@samthecoder) Crisp Talk Intermediate 7 0 Sun, May 31
38 Leveraging Cloud for BigData Analytics - Patterns, Options and Practical Next Steps
Amit Jain (@jnamit) Full Talk Intermediate 3 0 Thu, May 28
39 Securing your Enterprise Hadoop Cluster
Manoj Sundaram (@manojsundaram) Full Talk Intermediate 33 0 Wed, May 27
40 Building Spark as Service in Cloud using YARN
Rajat (@rgupta) Full Talk Intermediate 27 0 Mon, May 25
41 Big Data Benchmarking
Venkata Naga Ravi (@venkatanagaravi) Full Talk Intermediate 1 0 Sat, May 23
42 On building a cloud-based black-box predictive modeling system
Bargava Subramanian (@barsubra) Full Talk Beginner 5 0 Thu, May 21
43 Building Data Products for Small / Mid-Sized Data
Ramesh Sampath (@sampathweb) Full Talk Intermediate 7 0 Tue, May 12
44 Deprecating MapReduce Patterns with Apache Spark
Rahul Kavale (@rahulkavale) Full Talk Intermediate 3 2 Thu, May 7
45 Scrap Your MapReduce - Introduction to Apache Spark
Rahul Kavale (@rahulkavale) Full Talk Beginner 7 0 Thu, May 7
46 Anatomy of RDD : A Deep dive into Spark RDD Data structure.
Madhukara Phatak (@phatak-dev) Full Talk Advanced 14 0 Wed, May 6
47 Big data analysis with Apache Spark
Madhukara Phatak (@phatak-dev) Workshop Beginner 9 0 Wed, May 6
48 Networks and Network Analysis
Dr. Jai Ganesh (@jaiganesh) Full Talk Advanced 7 0 Mon, Apr 27
49 Tackling ML's black boxes with probabilistic programming
Rudraksh MK (@rudrakshmk) Full Talk Advanced 13 0 Sat, Apr 18