28-29 July 2016, Bangalore
Status: Open for post-event feedback

The Fifth Elephant is India’s most renowned data science conference. It is a space for discussing some of the most cutting edge developments in the fields of machine learning, data science and technology that powers data collection and analysis.

Machine Learning, Distributed and Parallel Computing, and High-performance Computing continue to be the themes for this year’s edition of Fifth Elephant.

We are now accepting submissions for our next edition which will take place in Bangalore 28-29 July 2016.


We are looking for application level and tool-centric talks and tutorials on the following topics:

  1. Deep Learning
  2. Text Mining
  3. Computer Vision
  4. Social Network Analysis
  5. Large-scale Machine Learning (ML)
  6. Internet of Things (IoT)
  7. Computational Biology
  8. ML in healthcare
  9. ML in education
  10. ML in energy and ecology
  11. ML in agriculrure
  12. Analytics for emerging markets
  13. ML in e-governance
  14. ML in smart cities
  15. ML in defense

The deadline for submitting proposals is 30th April 2016


This year’s edition spans two days of hands-on workshops and conference. We are inviting proposals for:

Selection process

Proposals will be filtered and shortlisted by an Editorial Panel. We urge you to add links to videos / slide decks when submitting proposals. This will help us understand your past speaking experience. Blurbs or blog posts covering the relevance of a particular problem statement and how it is tackled will help the Editorial Panel better judge your proposals.

We expect you to submit an outline of your proposed talk – either in the form of a mind map or a text document or draft slides within two weeks of submitting your proposal.

We will notify you about the status of your proposal within three weeks of submission.

Selected speakers must participate in one-two rounds of rehearsals before the conference. This is mandatory and helps you to prepare well for the conference.

There is only one speaker per session. Entry is free for selected speakers. As our budget is limited, we will prefer speakers from locations closer home, but will do our best to cover for anyone exceptional. HasGeek will provide a grant to cover part of your travel and accommodation in Bangalore. Grants are limited and made available to speakers delivering full sessions (40 minutes or longer).

Commitment to open source

HasGeek believes in open source as the binding force of our community. If you are describing a codebase for developers to work with, we’d like it to be available under a permissive open source licence. If your software is commercially licensed or available under a combination of commercial and restrictive open source licences (such as the various forms of the GPL), please consider picking up a sponsorship. We recognise that there are valid reasons for commercial licensing, but ask that you support us in return for giving you an audience. Your session will be marked on the schedule as a sponsored session.

Key dates and deadlines


The Fifth Elephant will be held at the NIMHANS Convention Centre, Dairy Circle, Bangalore.


For more information about speaking proposals, tickets and sponsorships, contact info@hasgeek.com or call +91-7676332020.

Confirmed sessions

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 Using Data to Identify the Genomic Cause of Disease
Ramesh Hariharan Full talk Intermediate 2 0 Thu, Jul 21
2 Reasoning: The Next Frontier in Data Science
Shailesh Kumar (@shkumar) Full talk Intermediate 4 1 Thu, Jul 21
3 Scaling the Largest Functional DataSet @Flipkart aka Catalog
Anuj Mittal (@anujmittal) Full talk Intermediate 5 0 Tue, Jul 19
4 Allocation and Forecasting in Guaranteed Delivery of Advertisements
Aditya Ramana Rachakonda (@arrac) Full talk Intermediate 1 0 Tue, Jul 19
5 Real Time Fulfilment Planning at Flipkart Scale
Jagadeesh Huliyar (@jagadeesh-huliyar) Full talk Intermediate 1 0 Tue, Jul 19
6 Hierarchical Bayes Approach and Implementation of MCMC in an Ecological Study
Soumen Dey (@soumendey) Full talk Advanced 2 0 Mon, Jul 18
7 Deciphering Driving Behaviour using Geospatial Temporal Data Collected from Smartphone Sensors
Aditya Karnik (@adityakarnik) Full talk Intermediate 1 0 Mon, Jul 18
8 Hadoop & Cloud Storage: Object Store Integration in Production
Rajesh Balamohan Crisp talk Intermediate 1 0 Fri, Jul 15
9 Meet the needs of content marketing with the power of NLP
Balaji Vasan (@balajivasan) Full talk Intermediate 1 0 Wed, Jul 13
10 Lessons Learned : Real-life NLP
Martin Andrews (@mdda) Crisp talk Intermediate 3 0 Tue, Jul 12
11 Machine Learning the Walmart Way with a Deep Dive into Automated Forecasting System
Anindya Sankar Dey (@asd1) Crisp talk Intermediate 14 0 Mon, Jul 11
12 Taking Analytics Applications from Labs to the Real World: Transfer Learning in Practice
Shourya Roy (@shourya) Full talk Intermediate 3 0 Mon, Jul 11
13 The Alternative Data revolution on Wall St
Gene Ekster (@geneman) Full talk Intermediate 1 0 Mon, Jul 11
14 Convolutional Neural Networks from the Other Side
Sumod Mohan (@sumod) Full talk Advanced 3 0 Sat, Jul 9
15 Advanced Deep Learning Workshop – Hands-on
Martin Andrews (@mdda) Workshop Advanced 6 0 Wed, Jul 6
16 Scalable Realtime Analytics using Druid
Nishant Bangarwa (@nishantbangarwa) Full talk Intermediate 3 2 Wed, Jul 6
17 Deep Learning for Computer Vision
Anand Chandrasekaran (@anandchandrasekaran) Workshop Intermediate 7 0 Thu, Jun 23
18 Looking under the hood - demystifying data tools
Simrat Hanspal (@simrathanspal) Crisp talk Intermediate 19 2 Fri, Jun 17
19 RightFit- A Data Science Approach to Reduce Product Returns in Fashion e-Commerce
Ashish Kulkarni (@kulashish) Crisp talk Intermediate 12 2 Wed, Jun 15
20 Building a scalable Data Science Platform ( Luigi, Apache Spark, Pandas, Flask)
Nischal HP (@nischalhp) Workshop Intermediate 10 0 Tue, Jun 14
21 Introduction to Statistics and Basics of Mathematics for Data Science - the hacker's way
Bargava Subramanian (@barsubra) Workshop Beginner 15 2 Tue, Jun 7
22 Continuous online learning for classification tasks
Saurabh Arora (@tanish2k) Full talk Intermediate 7 0 Tue, Jun 7
23 ML in fin-tech - Transforming 60 crore Indian lives
Riddhi Mittal (@riddhimittal) Full talk Beginner 19 0 Sat, Apr 30
24 Reducing the world with JavaScript
Aruna S (@arunasank) Full talk Intermediate 5 1 Sat, Apr 30
25 Data-Driven Decision Making in Indian Agriculture: the Present and the Future
Udit Poddar (@poddarudit) Crisp talk Intermediate 41 0 Sat, Apr 30
26 Logging at scale using Graylog - Billion+ messages, 100K req/sec
Rohit Gupta (@rohit01) Crisp talk Intermediate 9 2 Fri, Apr 29
27 Purpose, Speed & Visibility : Facilitating product discovery & engagement on a e-commerce website
Ekta Grover (@ekta1007) Full talk Intermediate 1 0 Fri, Apr 29
28 Dr. Elephant - Self-Serve Performance Tuning for Hadoop and Spark
Akshay Rai (@akshayrai) Crisp talk Intermediate 21 1 Mon, Apr 25
29 Taking Fashion and Lifestyle Commerce Towards SKUs Using Deep Image and Text Parsing
Vijay Gabale (@vijaygabale) Full talk Intermediate 7 0 Mon, Apr 25
30 What do machine learning and high performance computing have to do with big cats in the wild?
Arjun Mallipatna Gopalaswamy (@arjun-4bigcats) Full talk Intermediate 3 0 Fri, Apr 15
31 Model Visualisation
Amit Kapoor (@amitkaps) Full talk Beginner 10 0 Wed, Apr 13
32 Increasing Trust and Efficiency of Data Science using dataset versioning
Venkata Pingali (@venkatapingali) Crisp talk Intermediate 12 5 Sun, Mar 27
33 Timely Dataflow
Bharani (@bharanisub) Crisp talk Advanced 28 0 Tue, Mar 22
34 Let your Big Data Processing take flight with Apache Falcon
Pallavi Rao (@pallavi-rao) Crisp talk Beginner 20 0 Thu, Feb 25

Unconfirmed proposals

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 Bootstrapping inspired by Hacking Human Cognition
Kaaenaat (@kaaenaat) Crisp talk Intermediate 3 0 Fri, Jun 17
2 Building a Large scale Augmented classifier ensemble to predict in noisy data
Arthi Venkataraman (@arthi) Full talk Advanced 5 0 Wed, Jun 15
3 How Intuit solved big scan problem in real time
Ashish Jain (@toashishj) Crisp talk Beginner 13 1 Tue, Jun 14
4 Intuit’s Data journey to Public cloud
Abhishek Jain (@abhi111jain) Crisp talk Intermediate 25 0 Tue, Jun 14
5 Distributed change data capture platform
Chandraprakash Bhagtani (@cpbhagtani) Full talk Intermediate 19 1 Tue, Jun 14
6 Don’t just build a data lake, build data powerhouse.
Akash Mishra (@sleepythread) Full talk Intermediate 4 0 Mon, Jun 13
7 Distributed Computing Abstractions for Big Data Science
Vijay Srinivas Agneeswaran, Ph.D (@vijayagneeswaran) Full talk Intermediate 6 0 Thu, Jun 9
8 RNNs for multimodal information fusion
Om Deshmukh (@omdesh) Crisp talk Intermediate 3 0 Thu, Jun 9
9 Leveraging Streaming Systems for Machine Learning
Vipul Gupta (@vipulgupta) Crisp talk Intermediate 6 0 Wed, Jun 8
10 Data Simulation as a means to intuitively grasp Statistics and it's direct application to prediction problems
Lakshman Prasad (@becomingguru) Full talk Beginner 6 0 Tue, Jun 7
11 Exploit conceptual data models using ontology modeling
Udaya Chitta (@uchitta) Crisp talk Beginner 2 0 Mon, May 2
12 Anti-patterns in designing machine learning systems
Suchana Seth (@suchana) Advanced 25 0 Mon, May 2
13 An Approach for recommending TopK Digital Artworks
Vivek Anand Rao T S (@vtemker) Crisp talk Beginner 2 0 Mon, May 2
14 Four horsemen of the IoT
Anuj Deshpande (@anujdeshpande) Full talk Intermediate 0 0 Sun, May 1
15 Challenges in Data Warehouse Augmentation on Hadoop
koteswara Vemu (@koteswara) Sponsored Intermediate 3 0 Sat, Apr 30
16 Recommender Engines : A Peak into Predictive Analytics
Raghav Bali (@baliraghav) Full talk Beginner 14 2 Sat, Apr 30
17 Data pipelines - Cakewalk with Docker and Luigi
Shubhadit Sharma (@shubhadit) Advanced 15 1 Sat, Apr 30
18 Apache Drill - Optimising Time to market
shubham sharma (@gabber12) Crisp talk Intermediate 10 0 Sat, Apr 30
19 Sentiment analysis to evaluate the performance of Fund Managers
Geeyavudeen Musthafa (@geeyamusthafa) (proposing) Crisp talk Beginner 0 0 Sat, Apr 30
20 Predicting Corporate Bankruptcy by mining financial reports and regular transactional trends combining with Investor sentiment analysis
Prajit Datta (@prajitdatta) Crisp talk Intermediate 17 7 Sat, Apr 30
21 A large scale IOT platform architecture using open source apache projects like Nifi, Kafka, Storm, Spark and Hadoop.
Satish Duggana (@satishd) Full talk Intermediate 10 2 Sat, Apr 30
22 Stream in a Flink way
Sharath B. Patel (@sharathsteel) Full talk Intermediate 13 0 Sat, Apr 30
23 Building a large scale fully automatic machine learning platform from scratch
Dipayan Maiti (@dipayanm) Full talk Advanced 5 0 Sat, Apr 30
24 Knowledge Inference: Estimating how much the student knows
Amar Lalwani (@amar1707) Full talk Intermediate 18 0 Sat, Apr 30
25 Sensor Analytics for IoT and Embedded Systems
Amit Doshi (@amitdoshi) Crisp talk Intermediate 2 0 Sat, Apr 30
26 Machine Learning Application in MicroFinance
Anubhav Dikshit Crisp talk Beginner 8 0 Sat, Apr 30
27 Security Analytics at Web Scale
pratim mukherjee (@pratimkm) Full talk Intermediate 15 0 Fri, Apr 29
28 High performance computing using Spark
Anand Katti (@anandkatti) Intermediate 2 1 Fri, Apr 29
29 Interactive data transformations at scale
Abhilash L L (@abhilashll) Sponsored Beginner 10 0 Fri, Apr 29
30 Discovering App Relationships in Smart Phones through Large Scale Mining of User Journey Data
Hanu Susarla (@susarlah) Full talk Intermediate 13 1 Fri, Apr 29
31 Artificial Intelligence for Efficient Financial Markets
Sivasankari Ramamurthy (@sivas) Crisp talk Intermediate 0 0 Fri, Apr 29
32 Machine Learning - Democratized
BrijRaj Singh (@brijrajsingh) Full talk Beginner 6 0 Thu, Apr 28
33 Forecasting the degradation of Network KPIs
Roshni Mohandas (@roshnimohandas) Crisp talk Intermediate 17 2 Thu, Apr 28
34 Visually reading the configuration of a Rubiks cube using Probabilistic Graphical Model
Sunil S Nandihalli (@sunilnandihalli) Intermediate 3 0 Wed, Apr 27
35 (Workshop) Understanding neural networks by building few from scratch
Harshad Saykhedkar (@harshss) Workshop Intermediate 1 0 Wed, Apr 27
36 Apache Storm past, present and future
Arun Mahadevan (@arunm) Intermediate 5 0 Tue, Apr 26
37 Designing Data Products
Mahendra Kariya (@mahendrakariya) Intermediate 4 0 Tue, Apr 26
38 Unified & Distributed Test Infrastructure at Scale (Hortonworks Data Platform Testing)
Shankar Hiremath (@shankarhiremath) Crisp talk Intermediate 2 0 Sun, Apr 24
39 Big Data Structures
Ranganathan B (@ranganathan) Full talk Beginner 21 3 Sun, Apr 24
40 Statistical Models for Better Customer Engagement
Venkatramanan P.R. (@venkatpr) Intermediate 8 0 Thu, Apr 21
41 Emerging patterns of lifestyle impact on personal health & wellness
Tanmay Gupta (@tanmaygupta) Crisp talk Beginner 4 0 Sun, Apr 10
42 Design Patterns in IoT/IoE
Srinivasa Rao Aravilli (@aravilli) Crisp talk Intermediate 4 0 Wed, Mar 30
43 Smart Energy
Srinivasa Rao Aravilli (@aravilli) Crisp talk Intermediate 4 0 Tue, Mar 15
44 Long Running Services on YARN: Future of Service Deployment & Management via Hadoop
Prasath Venkatraman (@ask4prasath) Advanced 36 12 Mon, Mar 14
45 Real-time Ingestion of logs into Hive with a low latency, to query and respond to events
Pallav Jakhotiya (@pallavjakhotiya) Crisp talk Intermediate 9 0 Mon, Mar 14