27-28 July, Bangalore
Status: Accepting submissions


The Fifth Elephant 2017 is a three-track conference on:
1. Technologies and tools for mining and analyzing data.
2. Application of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in diverse domains – including IOT, e-commerce, education, ecology, agriculture, computational biology, social network analysis and emerging markets.
3. A specialized track on analytics in payments on a single day.
4. A specialized track on data in government on a single day.

The Fifth Elephant aims to appeal to the widest possible range of technologists working on data mining and analysis + data science, meachine learning and deep learning practitioners: from embryonic startups to the large, established enterprises. We are keen to schedule presentations that appeal both to attendees’ current needs as well as their future aspirations.

About the Conference

The Fifth Elephant is a renowned gathering of data scientists, analysts, researchers and technologists working in the areas of machine learning and deep learning from different domains. We are now accepting submissions for our next edition which will take place in Bangalore on 27-28 July 2017.


  1. Data engineering.
  2. Tools and technologies for mining and analyzing data.
  3. Applications and case studies of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in IOT.
  4. Applications and case studies of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in e-commerce, education, ecology, agriculture, computational biology, social network analysis and emerging markets.
  5. Applications and case studies of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in payments.
  6. Conceptual and practical concerns around data in government.


The Fifth Elephant is a three-track conference:
- Talks in the main auditorium and banquet hall; - Specialized tracks on payments analytics and data in government – one on each day in Room 1; - Demos and Birds of Feather (BOF) sessions in Room 2.

We are inviting proposals for:

Selection Process

Proposals will be filtered and shortlisted by an Editorial Panel. We invite public comments for every proposal to make the selection processs transparent, and open to the public. Proposers are encouraged to respond to comments on their proposals including comments from the public and editorial panel members.
Please make sure to add links to videos / slide decks when submitting proposals. This will help us understand your speaking experience and delivery style. Blurbs or blog posts covering the relevance of a particular problem statement and how it is tackled will help the Editorial Panel better judge your proposals. We might contact you to ask if you’d like to repost your content on the official conference blog.

We expect you to submit an outline of your proposed talk, either in the form of a mind map or a text document or draft slides within two weeks of submitting your proposal.

Selection Process Flowchart

You can check back on this page for the status of your proposal. We will notify you if we either move your proposal to the next round or if we reject it. Selected speakers must participate in one or two rounds of rehearsals before the conference. This is mandatory and helps you to prepare well for the conference.

A speaker is NOT confirmed a slot unless we explicitly mention so in an email or over any other medium of communication.

There is only one speaker per session. Entry is free for selected speakers.

Travel Grants

As our budget is limited, we prefer speakers from locations closer home, but will do our best to cover for anyone exceptional. HasGeek provides these limited grants where applicable:
Two grants covering travel and accommodation for international speakers. Three grants covering travel and accommodation for domestic speakers. Grants will be made available to speakers delivering full sessions (40 minutes or longer).
*Speaker travel grants will be given in the order of preference to students, women, persons of non-binary genders, and speakers from Asia and Africa.

Commitment to Open Source

HasGeek believes in open source as the binding force of our community. If you are describing a codebase for developers to work with, we’d like for it to be available under a permissive open source licence. If your software is commercially licensed or available under a combination of commercial and restrictive open source licences (such as the various forms of the GPL), please consider picking up a sponsorship. We recognise that there are valid reasons for commercial licensing, but ask that you support us in return for giving you an audience. Your session will be marked on the schedule as a “sponsored session”.

Important Dates:

Deadline for submitting proposals: 30 April, 2017 Final conference schedule: 31 May 2017 Conference dates: 27-28 July, 2017


For more information about speaking proposals, tickets and sponsorships, contact info@hasgeek.com or call +91-7676332020.

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